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Bartending 101 Course

Our Bartending Training Program combines bartending theory with extensive hands-on practice that provides our students with all the information and skills necessary to become a successful bartender in the hospitality industry. Our comprehensive and thorough approach is what gives our grads the edge over other non-professionally bartenders. Call us toll free at 1.800.556.6499 with any questions or to get started.

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Course Content:
Mixology… over 120 mix drink recipes such as Martini’s & Manhattans, Cream/Dessert Drinks, Highballs & Mixed Drinks, Two Liquor Drinks, Sours and Blended Drinks, Coffee & Hot Drinks, Exotics and Shooters.
Familiarization with the bar station
Basic bar set-up
Bar equipment operation
Opening and closing the bar
Handling money
Alcohol awareness issues
Liquor laws and liability
Basic measurements
Proper glassware & utensils
Wine, beer & champagne basics
Garnishes & mixes
Stocking the bar
Pouring procedures
Bar techniques…shaking, building, layering, flaming, etc.
Product knowledge, inventory control and rotation
Product and labor cost controls
Legal aspects, knowing the law
Guest relations and customer service
Increase your repeat customer business by increasing the professionalism of your staff. Most bartenders are self taught and lack formal training. Our in-depth course can be completed by your staff in just 1 – 2 weeks.
One cost covers all activity… registration, training, certification of graduation, books and materials and access to unlimited/lifetime refresher classes and practice time for grads.
Don’t forget wait and barback staff who aspire to become bartenders. Creating a career path for your employees keeps them motivated, productive and loyal.

AND… do you know what’s going on behind your own bar? Are you confident that your bartenders aren’t under or over pouring mix drinks, that there is adequate control and tracking of your inventory, that your customers are getting served promptly and efficiently and that all local and state liquor laws, rules and regulations are being followed? What if things got really busy or one of your staff called in sick at the last minute. Could you step in and take their place? You should be, at a minimum, at least as knowledgeable as your bartenders… to insure that you can effectively manage them and more importantly, effectively manage your business. It doesn’t take much to erode your profit margin. Getting your bartenders certification will go a long way toward making sure you control the situation at your place of business rather then the situation controlling you.
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