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Bartending Course Options

At National Bartenders Bay Area Bartending School we offer various course options for everyone no matter if you've never had a drink in your life, or you're already an experienced bartender and simply want to brush up or increase your tips by learning cutting edge Flair Bartending. All course options are taught by experienced, friendly instructors that are highly skilled, and have your best interest in mind. Please call us at 1.800.556.6499 with any questions or if you're ready to get started!



Our Bartending Program combines bartending theory with extensive hands-on practice that provides our students with all the information and skills necessary to become a successful bartender in the hospitality industry. Our comprehensive and thorough approach is what gives our grads the edge over other non-professionally trained bartenders.

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San Francisco Bartending Course



Our Flair Bartending session lasts 4 – 5 hours. Please call or stop by the campus to get the schedule for our next class and to register in advance (required). We conduct the program on premises and the class is taught by our resident Flair expert. After initial payment, all subsequent class sessions are free of charge.

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San Francisco Bartending Flair Course


TIPS TRAINING (Alcohol Awareness):

When you sell and serve alcohol, there are some risks involved. You put yourself and the business you work for at risk if you mistakenly sell to minors. You and the business you work for risk lawsuits if your customers drink to excess. You risk lives if you serve someone who gets drunk and drives. Make the decision now to lower you and your employer’s risk and protect your customers while significantly enhancing your employability at the same time - by taking TIPS Training.

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San Francisco Tips training



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