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TIPs Training

TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures by Servers of Alcohol) is a formal 3-4 hour state sanctioned course that leads to your 3 year certification. This kind of training has a proven track record which has been verified by the insurance industry. As a result, being TIPS certified helps lower your employers liability insurance premiums, creating a situation where more and more employers require employees to be TIPS certified. This certification makes you not only a responsible server, but a much more desirable employee.

The one time session lasts 3 Ė 4 hours. Please call or stop by the campus to get the schedule for our next class and to register in advance (required). We conduct the program on premises and the class is taught by a certified TIPS trainer.

The course will show you how to promote reasonable drinking and teaches intervention strategies you can use to prevent intoxication, drunk driving, underage drinking and other hazards that might sometime accompany the sale and service of alcohol. TIPS builds on the knowledge and experience of professionals who serve alcohol, it stops intoxication before it starts and it creates an environment where you work that promotes responsible drinking. TIPS teaches you how to intervene effectively with firmness, concern and respect, before itís too late.

Course involves lecture, discussion, interactive roll-playing and audio/video material.
Course Outline:
I: Information
II: Skills Training
III: Practice & Rehearsal
IV: Quiz
You risk civil lawsuits, criminal prosecution, fines and the loss of your business and/or liquor license by serving minors, customers who drink to excess and intoxicated customers who drive.
TIPS teaches you and your staff how to reduce/eliminate this risk, which can save lives and reduce your liability insurance premiums.
TIPS promotes responsible drinking and teaches you and your servers how to intervene effectively with firmness, concern and respect.
NBS now offers TIPS training for employees and managers here in Mountain View California or at your place of business, by our certified TIPS trainer.
This one time course takes 4 hours and provides you and/or your employees with a TIPS certification good for 3 years.
Donít wait for alcohol awareness training to become mandatory. Promoting responsible drinking is good business and provides you a valuable competitive advantage. Call 1.800.556.6499 for full details.
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