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Our Mountain View Casino Dealer School is open from 10am to 10pm. Instructors are present from 11:00am 10:00pm to 7:00pm 8:00pm M-Th, 10:00am – 6:00pm F & 10pm – 4:00pm Sat. When not participating in a Casino Class, students are free to use any of our facilities (regardless if the instructor is present) to practice their manual skills (fanning, shuffling, pitching, etc) and/or practice with the other students, basically playing while taking turns dealing and learning from each other.

We offer instruction in all of the most popular Casino Games using Casino Quality equipment, including speedcloth tables, Copaq cards and 11.5 gram clay chips. Our instructors are top notch, each having years experience in the Casino Industry, not just as Casino Dealers, but also as pit bosses & casino managers. Please see below for our Casino Course lineup and complete course outlines.

Give us a call at 1.800.556.6499 with any questions or to get started!
Our professional poker dealing course will provide the student with complete training in all necessary aspects of the game. You will learn shuffling, pitching and handling cards, game procedures, reading hands, game protection and dealing techniques. When you are finished with our program, you will have a thorough knowledge of California, Nevada and International style Poker and the terminology that goes with it.

Our goal is to produce a highly confident and capable Professional Poker Dealer. There is no charge for extra time as we are absolutely committed to making sure you are ready and polished for your job placement auditions.

Poker Course Outline
General procedures – Learn to play and deal TEXAS HOLD’EM, STUD POKER, OMAHA and other poker variations.
Blinds, Antes and the Button
Shuffle, scramble, stripping, cutting and setting up the deck
Dealing, pitch up, pitch down, flip-pitch
The flop, rolling, spreading and placing community cards
Protecting the deck, gathering chips and muck decks
Personal appearance, attitude and professional presence in the dealer’s “box”
Bet Control – Learn correct raises, options and tournament controls, missing Blind bet, double Blinds and house rakes
Customer interaction, game etiquette and terminology of the game
Pushing pots, splitting pots, understanding side pots, stacking chips and receiving dealer tips (tokes)
Hands-on dealing lessons on a professional table with active players
Preparing for your job Audition
Interviewing – Getting the job you want
Our comprehensive Blackjack course is designed to train our students in all aspects of Blackjack dealing. You will learn about the equipment used, the rules and objects of the game and the dealer and player positions.

Our course also covers proper procedures when faced with splitting pairs, doubling down, insurance, black-jacks, security, multi-hands and general game control. We will also teach you how to properly interview for a job and give you helpful audition techniques so you can land a job anywhere from a high-end Vegas Casino to a fun cruise ship. We will train you to be a highly confident and capable professional Blackjack dealer. Refresher courses and extra time are always provided at no additional charge to our students and graduates.
Blackjack Course Outline
General Procedures – Lay of cards, customer issues, backing up the deck
Shuffle – The shoe and card placement
Appearance, attitude and controlling the table
Payoff procedures, rules and techniques
Pitching and placing cards
Hands-on dealing lessons
Preparing for your job Audition
Interviewing – Getting the job you want
Our comprehensive Pai Gow dealing course will provide the students with complete training in all rules and procedures of the game, from shuffling the cards to the final payoffs. You will learn the proper procedures for the dice cup, house ways for manual shuffle versus machine shuffle and collections versus commission. There is no charge for extra time as we are absolutely committed to making sure you are ready and polished for your auditions.
Pai Gow Course Outline
General procedures
Dealing – Cut, deal, actions, collection/commission, dice/digital, card delivery
Payoff Procedures – Fee collection, dropping collection, handling banker/player/house money
Reading Hands – Setting hands, setting player’s hands, fouled hands, house ways
Complete order of events per hands, supervisor decisions, table fills, etiquette
Hands on dealing lessons
Interviewing – Getting the job you want
In a successful attempt to attract more players to the game of Baccarat, most casinos now offer a low stakes version of the game called Mini-Baccarat. The rules are identical with some minor variations in play in this Blackjack type card game. Our training covers all rules, aspects, terminology and procedures, effectively preparing you for your audition once you’ve been certified.
Mini-Baccarat Course Outline
Rules and object of game
Dealer and Caller positions
Bank hand/Player hand wagers
Check handling
Interviewing and Auditioning
Blackjack and especially poker have become incredibly popular over the past couple of years because they’re fun, exciting and challenging. Professional and celebrity tournaments can be seen on TV all the time and are held often in the local card clubs. You can play in the clubs, local card rooms, casinos, on-line, cruise ships or at home with your friends. But knowing how to play is a world apart from knowing how to play and win. It can be intimidating, especially when your own money is on the line. That’s where the Casino College can help. For those who want to play, we’ll teach you the mechanics, rules and terminology. For those who want to increase their playing ability and proficiency to win more often, we’ll train you in the skills, tricks and inside information the professionals use … all in the comfortable and friendly confines of our facility. Call us to learn more and find out about our reasonable rates and group discounts.
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