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  • In a dead-end job?
  • Inside a cube all day?
  • Behind a retail counter?
  • Doing backbreaking labor?

Life's too short to be 'stuck'. Isn't it time to find an alternative career that allows you to do something interesting, fun, exciting AND where you can make some serious money? We can help. The Casino Dealer College can get you trained as a dealer in one of the fastest growing business segments in the US... the Gaming Industry.

These exciting jobs not only offer a lucrative alternative to the typical 8-5 humdrum work world, but offer security from the economic forces that affect most of us. These jobs will not become obsolete, will not be sent off-shore or sent to some third-party temp agency.

In just a few weeks, our experienced, multilingual instructors will get you professionally trained dealing Poker, Blackjack, Pai-Gow and Mini-Baccarat... all the table games you see in the local card clubs/rooms, Indian Casinos and big Nevada Casinos. And the Casino College doesn't just help you find a job when you're done here. We will be a lifetime resource for your job placement assistance activity, which you never pay for again after graduation.

Also, long before you graduate, we'll get you into our Earn-As-You-Learn program. Participate in Casino Party Night Event gigs. These are lots of fun, you earn ~$17/hour and get some great experience. The busy season for this activity is approaching, so don't wait.

Please call us and we'll tell you how to get started... at prices that are reasonable and affordable. We cover the entire Bay Area from our two locations... in Mountain View and San Francisco.

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